Online Course Request Windows are now closed.  Please complete a paper copy and get it to Ms. Hamilton.

Important: When entering your requests, please DO NOT use alternates, simply enter all your choices in order of preference. Make sure you hit "Submit" when you are finished to save your choices.


It is time to get ready for next year!  You will be selecting your electives online through Student Connect.  Each grade level will have their own window to enter their elective selections.

  • Incoming Sophomores (current freshmen): Online Course Request Window February 22nd- March 3rd

  • Incoming Freshman (current 8th graders): Online Course Request Window March 14th- March 25th

  • Future Freshman Night February 17th 6-8:30 See the evening schedule on the flyer here


If you have any questions please contact Ms. Hamilton at 742-6587

Seminar School specific questions Dan Rufner 742-8114


Everything you need to know to choose your classes will be posted here!

Incoming Freshman you can also check out the Service transition information here: 

ASD Lottery for BCA and Seminar School

Lottery opens February 1st

Lottery deadline March 17th

Lottery Details found here

BCA Webpage

ROTC Webpage

Seminar Webpage

Virtual Map of Service High School

Your Peer Mentors have put together an interactive virtual map of Service High.  Check it out to see what the Service halls look like and video intros of your teachers

Virtual Tour of Service High School for Incoming Freshmen

Virtual Tour and Map of Service High School

For both the tour and the map, click on the flashing cougar paw icons to see program videos.  Start with the yellow 1 icon for instructions.  In the tour the yellow arrows will move you to the next page. In the map, one cougar paw will take you to the upper level and the other will take you to the lower level.

Virtual Tour: Check out Service High School and our programs and classes.  I recommend starting with the tour to see what the halls look like and where different programs are located.

Virtual Map: If you want to go back in and see specific videos again use this map to go directly to the video itself.  You can also see a detailed map of the school and the layout of the hallways.